Friday Five: Top 5 Destination Wedding Questions

Friday Five: Top 5 Destination Wedding Questions

Are you recently engaged and considering a destination wedding?

Are you overwhelmed by the number of resort choices and just not sure where to start?

This quick video will give you 5 questions to help you choose the ULTIMATE resort for your dream destination wedding.

Hi! My name is Melissa and I'm a Destination Wedding Expert with Lisell Travel. I've been helping couples select the perfect resort to celebrate their special day for over five years now. I want to give you a little peek into the process. Every destination wedding is unique because they're each tailored to fit the happy couple's wants and needs.

Question 1: What kind of wedding ceremony do you and your partner want?

Are you planning to get married legally in another country or are you thinking about a symbolic ceremony with a legal wedding back home? If you're planning on a legal ceremony within the country, you'll need to contact the embassy or the resort to find out what extras must be done some countries require a blood test some require you to arrive three to five days prior to the wedding some of them require additional paperwork or translation from Spanish to English.

Question 2: Are you going to invite only adults or will kids be included?

This one's fairly easy to answer and therefore, you know, whether you need a family-friendly Resort or if you're looking for an adults-only vacation.

Question 3: Is there a maximum travel time for you and your guests?

Think about from the time you leave your house your flight time. Do you want a nonstop flight? Are you okay with a connection? And then once you arrive into the destination, how long will it take to transfer from the airport to the resort if you're looking for a short time period a destination wedding expert can help you find the right Resort for you. And if you're open for going a little farther for an adventure that's also available.

Question 4: How much are you going to spend total?

There are two parts to every destination wedding: your budget for the wedding (for the ceremony for the reception itself) and then also your budget for travel (flights, resort stay, and excursions like golf or a catamaran cruise.

If you're looking to have part of your travel expenses covered or receive a wedding bonus check when you return home contact me separately and ask about group booking perks.

Question 5: Where do you want to have your ceremony and reception?

There are a lot of different venues at resorts. Some have a Sky Terrace, which allows you to get married on the top of a building overlooking the beautiful water with no one around very private. You won’t have guests walking by other Resorts have Garden gazebos their kind of private and tucked away, but Lush and green doesn't require a lot of flowers or extra decor.

Some people have their heart set on a beach ceremony or reception. That kind of couple wants their toes in the sand. Then, there are also options like a poolside terrace for the bride that wants to get married in her heels.

There are several other things you need to consider, not just does the resort you're looking at have the venue that you want.

Is it turtle season? If so, did you know if you choose the beach for your reception, you have to be done celebrating by 8 or 9 p.m during turtle season?

What time is sunset during that time of year for your wedding? Is it an earlier Sunset because of daylight savings or is that a later?

Are you looking for an all-night party? You want that reception just to keep on going. You may want to consider a ballroom for your reception since there's normally not a Time cut off or look for a resort that has a great night club and you and your guests can just transfer right over there.

When you're able to consider these five questions, it will greatly narrow down the options for the perfect destination wedding.

Let's review those 5 questions…

Question 1: What kind of wedding ceremony: legal or symbolic?

Question 2: Are you inviting only adults or kids as well?

Question 3: Is there a maximum travel time for you? And your guests?

Question 4: How much are you going to spend total?

Question 5: Where do you want to have your ceremony and reception?

Are you still overwhelmed with the thousands of resorts spread across Mexico in the Caribbean? Are you not sure how you need to answer those questions?

If so, I would recommend that you contact a destination wedding expert like myself. I would love to offer you a 45 minute Complimentary Consultation to answer any questions or guide you through this process. No pressure, no commitment. Just pick a time that works best for your schedule.

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